Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso – 霊能力者小田霧響子の嘘 (Eng Subs) Ep 5

Episode 5 with eng sub.

Credits to: RolandSlinger from D-addicts for the subtitles

Here’s how to download from JumboFiles

Step 1: Press link.
Step 2: Press download file
Step3: Scroll down the page and press download.


Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso – 霊能力者小田霧響子の嘘 (Eng Subs) Ep 4


Episode 4 with subtitles:

Credits to:  RolandSlinger from D-Addicts for the subtitles.

Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso – 霊能力者小田霧響子の嘘 (Eng Subs) Ep 3

Episode 3 with subtitles:

Credits to:  RolandSlinger from D-Addicts for the subtitles.

Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso – 霊能力者小田霧響子の嘘 (Eng Subs) Ep 1-2

Download Episode 1 with english subtitles:

Download Episode 2 with english subtitles:

Credits to:  RolandSlinger from D-Addicts for the subtitles.

Reinoryokusha odagiri kyoko no uso – 霊能力者 小田霧響子の嘘


  • Title: 霊能力者 小田霧響子の嘘
  • Title (romaji): Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre:
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Oct-10
  • Air time: Sunday 23:00


Odagiri Kyoko is a flashy clairvoyant TV personality who has celebrities and politicians as clients. Yet in reality she is just a regular girl with no special power. She conducts solid detective work to solve mysteries, then passes off the results as her psychic visions.



Source: Dramawiki

Watch it here:

Episode 1

Credits to the uploader.

This show is definitely a must watch.  Yuko moments is just priceless, she’s just so awesome in this dorama. Every minute of the show is hilarious and because of that, even without the subs you’ll learn to love it.


KojiYuu – こじゆう – OPV

This is my second OPV.

Hope you enjoy it.

Beginner (audio rip)

AKB48 – Beginner – ビギナー – (audio rip)

AKB48’s 18th single

Reasons why you should buy the single.

Reason 1:

This song amazing yo!
I’ve already put this on repeat 50x

Reason 2: The covers
Gangster look FTW!!!

They look so stunning!!!!!!

Now let’s analyse the covers more closely.

Now look closely on how Acchan seemed pissed on the picture above.
But look how she has this slight smile on her face on the picture below.

And I’m pretty sure you guys know the reason to that.

Mayuyu wants some Shinoda love however she denies it.
Instead gives it to Kojima.

And that’s that. Excellent song, Kickass covers.
With so many good things about this single. There would be no reason not to buy this single.

Another important Reason:
 If you don’t buy the single, Gekikara’s gonna get you.

So please support AKB and buy the single.


AKB48 – Janken tournament Senbatsu, Under girls, Theater girls line up

I gotta say following people’s post and tweets in stage48 was the most awesome thing I’ve done today. Even though the site crashed on me soo many times due so many people tuning in, I still kept on pressing the refresh button just so I could get in. It just made me realize how determined and eager I am to know the results.

And as you can see the results is quite a shocker.

Theater Girls:

Nakamura Mariko
Kashiwagi Yuki
Minegishi Minami
Nakaya Sayaka
Oku Manami
Nakamata Shiori
Itano Tomomi
Suzuki Mariya
Kikuchi Ayaka
Komori Mika
Fujie Reina
Takahashi Minami
Oshima Yuko
Yunezawa Rumi
Masuda Yuka
Oya Shizuka
Iwasa Misaki
Miyazaki Miho
Nagao Mariya

Under Girls:

Kobayashi Marina
Shinoda Mariko
Hirajima Natsumi
Akimoto Sayaka
Nonaka Misato
Katayama Haruka
Umeda Ayaka
Miyazawa Sae
Matsubara Natsumi
Sato Amina
Sashihara Rina
Kitahara Rie
Watanabe Mayu
Nito Moeno
Oota Aika


16. Chikano Rina
15. Maeda Atsuko
14. Matsui Sakiko
13. Kasai Tomomi
12. Tanabe Miku
11. Kobayashi Kana
10. Koramuchi Asuka
09. Nakatsuka Tomomi
08. Takajo Aki
07. Sato Natsuki
06. Sato Sumire
05. Maeda Ami
04. Nakagawa Haruka
03. Kojima Haruna
02. Ishida Haruka
01. Uchida Mayumi

Credits to stage48, bunnykaisui, loveandcoffee, aakun, shattering, criss and to all people who tweeted about the janken.

NMB48 – Final 106

The 48 group which is base on Osaka.

Now when I heard that they where based on Osaka this is the character which first came to my little otaku mind.

  “Osaka” for the win!

When the news that NMB48 was gonna be formed I never really took interest in them but after seeing the Final 106 for some odd reason I drawn into them. Just like when I first found out about AKB48 last year I wanted to learn more about them and is looking forward to knowing more about them.  

Any way …. The Final 106 sure does show some promising contenders.

Here are some of them.


Both these girls is soo “kawaii” 

The girl with the “front girl” vibe. I want her to pass the auditions.

I want this girl to get in since she has such a cute smile. (It’s the dimple) Her smile kinda reminds me of Yuko Oshima (AKB48). Plus she looks like a halfee (Half Japanese and Half something else) I could be wrong though.

Now who does this girl remind me of……..

Ahh!!!! That’s it I remember now. She looks just like..

Hanako Takigawa (Rey from Mendol) she could totally pass as her little sister or her little clone just so she could get closer to a certain someone.

Plan: Pass auditions > Become front girl > Be on an AKB single > Get closer to Takamina Kai.

 Hahahaha!! I kid, I kid.

But seriouly I want her to pass the auditions.

This girl is so funny yo! Hope she gets in.

The girl which I feel has the “Meetan” vibe in her. For some reason I want NMB48 to have a “Meetan” it would totally make an interesting add to the group.


Hikaru1: Looks at ribbon on girls’ head.


Here’s the youtube link on the Final 106.

Now I just wish that all my favourites gets in.

The final auditions will be held on September 20.

People lets all look forward to it.

Video credits to the uploader.

AKB49 – 恋愛禁止条例 – Renai Kinshi Jourei Chapter 3

Gotta love how she openly gropes Yoshinaga

Download it here:

Credits to the uploader

AKB49 – 恋愛禁止条例 – Renai Kinshi Jourei Chapter 2

愛しさのアクセル – Itoshisa no Accel -Takamina VS Haachan

Who will win The Light side (Takamina) or The Dark side (Haachan)?*


Haachan’s performance is fluid like water while Takamina’s version is fierce like thunder. What I’m trying to say is when Haachan performed Itoshisa she just flows through the whole song just like watching a ballerina execute her dance with grace, on the other hand Takamina’s performance is like watching Hip Hop it had a lot of quick movements to her version of Itoshisa which gives an EPIC feel to her performance.

Round One: Draw
Takamina: 1
Haachan: 1

Facial Expressions:

Well Haachan’s expressions is better than Takamina.

Round two: Haachan wins
Takamina: 1
Haachan: 2



We can clearly see that Takamina swings and flings handled the sword better.

Round Three: Takamina wins
Takamina: 2
Haachan: 2


Both Takamina and Haachan have amazing vocals yo. I gotta admit I never new Haachan have such a great voice.

Final Round: Draw
Takamina: 3
Haachan: 3

In the end it’s a draw.
Both versions are just incredible.  

Now let me ask you who are you gonna side “The light” or “The Dark”?

Takamina’s Version
Download (Youku rip LQ .flv):

Haachan’s Version
Download (Youku rip LQ .flv):

*Note: The reason why I put Haachan in the dark side is because in her performance of Itoshisa no Accel her lightsaber sword was not lit on.

AKB49〜恋愛禁止条例〜Renai Kinshi Jourei

The manga is funny yo.
Even if you can’t read Japanese the pictures itself says it all.

Here are some scans.

WTF?! Whose groping who? Seriously I want to know.

Now this is gotta be every wota’s dream

 Sneak into the girls locker room.

Download the scans of the manga chapter here:

Credits to the uploader

My first OPV

I made this in about 8 hours, and this is my first MV  OPV.

So I’m open for any suggestions on how to improve my MVs OPV.

Hope you guys like it.

Edit: I just realized it’s called an OPV.

FudanJuku/Nakano fujosisters

Don’t know them? Go Jpopstop wiki.

I say go wiki since it’s the first time I’ve seen them and so can’t really say much about them. However, what made me blog about them is the fact that their girls.

That’s right, you read it right their girls dressed as boys.

I’ve read that they have singles dressed as boys and singles dressed as girls as well.
Their female counterpart is called Nakano Fujusisters

I actually took interest in them since they remind me of No Sleeves’ Persona.

If ever their was a collaboration or if ever the two idol groups meet as their male counterparts I wonder who the fangirls like more Persona or them.

Their PV is pretty cool, personally like this one:

It’s just like watching anime in human form.

FudanJuku is something to watch out for.

Credits to: tokyohive, Jpopstop wiki

Batsu Game Trailer 2

This trailer sure is better than the first one.

I gotta say I found the first 1 minute of the trailer pretty funny, (don’t blame me it’s the background music).  It looked like kids getting hurt while playing games.

Now…. after the 1st minute where Harugon was already screaming, that’s when things got scary and gory. Blood everywhere and the ghost girl which reminds me of the “ring” is there.

All in all
The trailer is a win. It gives a surprise factor.
I was like:

Hikaru1 in the 1st minute:

Hikaru1 after the 1st minute:

Hikaru1 after watching the trailer: *heart attack*

Hopefully the movie is as good as the trailer. If it is, then I would have to buy the movie as soon as a DVD comes out.

Credits to: IndigoSkies and ecwx

Watarirouka Hashiritai – Gyu PV

Gyu, Gyu, Gyu, Gyu

I can’t get that word out of my head now.

Seriously though, The song is damn catchy. I like it. *two thumbs up*



I been really happy this week since A6 came out but then I heard the news….

Team A Captain Takahashi Minami is unwell.

It is said that Takamina is unwell due to fatigue. She’s been working too hard and the pressure from the Rakugo event must be getting to her.

This news really breaks my heart, Takamina is my oshi after all.

Please get well soon Takamina. Take time recovering.
And please don’t work too hard.

Edit: I’ve just read in stage 48 that she’s well now. I’m really glad she’s ok.

News Credits to: Makistar and the Takarmy

Heavy Rotation News

I really like how the PV looks. [insert creepy laugh] hehehehehehe.

And finally I get to see a live lip action. [insert creepier laugh] hehehehehe

LOL of what looked like Acchan trying to steal a kiss from takamina ( you need to have eyes that could see behind Tomochin to see it. Since she was blocking the camera.)

Words can’t express how i’m soooo looking forward to this single.

So come on people don’t be afraid buy the single.
I know I did.

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